Mike Downey

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Berlinale - Film - Memories

Mike writes a love letter to the films of John Cassavetes, insisting that nothing is ever final in the work of John Cassavetes. 

Everything is in transit, everything in flux in an unending cycle of birth and death. And even when he makes films about endings, Cassavetes takes enormous pains to show us that we are all , after all, and that life and love are always beginning anew. In the case of the film Love Streams the film itself is an ode to love. It asks the ageold and perpetual question how can we keep the possibility of love alive in a world in which love is never less than difficult at best. Lobve is an art. It takes time. All of life in the Cassavetes world is flowing, opening, closing. Nothing remains still. Life takes time to live. Love takes time to grow. And John Cassavetes the man and the film maker knows that not only does growth hurt, but growth can only come from the hurt and the pain. He doesn’t try to allay our fears and doubts – he gives it to us straight.