Mike Downey

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Istria Gold

A fast-moving adventure mystery set in the Adriatic province of Istria and taking place over three dramatic historical eras: Istria - The Present Day, The Roman Occupation of the 1st Century AD and The Partisan of the War of Liberation 1943-45.

ISTRIA GOLD follows the powerful, elusive and corrupting lure of the Istrian Truffle across the sweep of history.

Motovun Film Festival – The Book

In 1999 the Motovun Film Festival published a book about the festival, the people attached to it, and the resonance of the event throughout Croatia and the world. Mike contributed to the section “How it All Began.”  


Berlinale - Film - Memories

Mike writes a love letter to the films of John Cassavetes, insisting that nothing is ever final in the work of John Cassavetes. Everything is in transit, everything in flux in an unending cycle of birth and death. And even when he makes films about endings, Cassavetes takes enormous pains to show us that we are all, after all, and that life and love are always beginning anew.

The Self Managing Screen

The Self Managing Screen was a book written by Mike Downey published to coincide with a major retrospective of television fiction at the British Film Institute curated by Mike at the National Film Theatre on the subject of television fiction during the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Jugoslavija.

The Film Finance Handbook

A practical guide to film financing for European producers, Volume 2

Europe is a vast amalgamation of cultures, traditions and ideas. The film industry in Europe is the result of the evolution of successful industries developing in parallel. The aim of this book is to try to bring together the manifold experiences of the European film industry as a whole, to assist the producers of the future to meet the challenges facing them in this melting pot of an industry bound to feature so prominently in so many people lives.

The Film Finance Handbook

A practical guide to film financing for European producers, Volume 1

This isn’t a “How to….” Book that will tell you how and where to get the money to make your movie. Nor is it a shortcut crammer which attempts to summaries everything you need to know about producing films.

This book is something more valuable: a practical manual of suggestions for would-be film producers – whether currently at film school or working in other areas of the industry and are tempted to relinquish security and set sail on the rocky but exhilarating seas of independent film production in Europe.