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Elvis Walks Home

Elvis Walks Home

Mickey Jones scrapes a living as a nightclub singer in the tacky Mediterranean resort of Zayana.

He’s a great Elvis Presley impersonator but a meagre human being: selfish and careless. An argument with two drunken women turns into a fight, and before he knows it Mickey is on the run from the vicious thugs of this police state. Mickey is chased across the border into another country. He doesn’t know the language, the villages are deserted, artillery rumbles across the hills, and all Mickey possesses are his guitar and what he stands up in: his Elvis Presley jumpsuit. Mickey is found and held at gunpoint by a group of war orphans. For them, adults are dangerous. Petrified, Mickey tells them he is a UN doctor and will lead them to a UN camp if they spare his life. They believe him...   


  • Special Mention - Feature Film, Avanca Film Festival, Avanca, Portugal, 2019
  • Special Jury Award, Arizona International Film Festival, United States, 2018
  • CICFF Award for Best Narrative Feature, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India, 2018
  • World Best Film, Harlem International Film Festival, United States, 2018
  • Festival Award for Best Lead Actor, International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, London, United Kingdom, 2018
  • Nominated for the Grand Prix des Amériques, Montréal World Film Festival, Quebec, Canada, 2017
Elvis Walks Home
Elvis Walks Home