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Films in Production

Rise and fall of comrade Zylo


Comrade Zylo is a career bureaucrat in an isolated and autocratic country in the 1970s. To impress the authorities, he invents crazy ideas about how to promote culture amongst the proletariat. Zylo depends on Demka to write up these wild theories into reports and speeches. Meanwhile, Demka’s dreams of being a fine writer fade with every demand comrade Zylo makes of him. Tension rises fierce as we wonder whose mask will drop first.

Brigitte Bardot Forever


The drama, set in the second half of the 20th Century in communist Poland, follows Adam, a young man who keeps getting packages from his long-lost father, a WWII hero. He suspects that the packages have a different source and cultivates a lot of ideas on the topic. When he visits the Rialto cinema in Katowice he is suddenly transported to Brigitte Bardot's dressing room.

It all ends here


Dinko Horvat (62), a rich and powerful tycoon, was found not guilty of a double murder. The court has decided that him shooting the two men – his former employees, who, armed, entered his backyard – was an act of self-defence. Still, Maks Pinter (49), Horvat’s lawyer, is not satisfied with the acquittal. In the courtroom, Maks sees Nina Štefančić (48), the love of his youth, whose father killed himself long time ago because of Horvat, and, being an extraordinarily smart and efficient but also a depressive man, something breaks inside of him. His job, reputation and money, benefits and accolades, suddenly seem worthless.