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The Kharo, the country's king, is writing a farewell letter to his son, Hal Tara, to whom he is entrusting the throne in the hope that Hal Tara will be able to achieve that which he himself could not: making peace.

With this hope, the Kharo draws his sword, severs his head-string, and dangles lifelessly from his remaining strings. Until his brother, Nezo, steps out of the shadows, throws away the farewell letter, and severs the rest of his strings. Hal Tara sets out to find his father's murderer that his uncle, Nezo, leads him to believe is the leader of their long-term enemy: The Zerits. Disguised as a simple peasant Hal journeys out into the world of which he, son of the Kharo, has seen very little. Hal is taken prisoner by the the Zerits. Sahro, the Zerit commander with the terrifying mask, is the person upon whom Hal is determined to have his revenge. Within the camp Hal falls in love with a beautiful woman only to learn that the woman he loves is Sahro! His father's murderer. Hal escapes. In love, filled with hatred and confused he collapses in the desert. Here he's taken prisoner by his own people's slavecollectors. On his way home in captivity, the truth begins to dawn on him. The enemy is not who he thought it was. Meanwhile, the Hebalon troops are on their way to oppose Sahro's army and Hal must escape in time to save both his people and the enemy he grew up hating. And rescue the woman he loves.


  • Robert for Best Children/Family Film, Robert Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005
  • Citizen Kane Award for Best Directoral Revelation, Catalonian International Film Festival, Sitges, Spain, 2004
  • Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver - Special Mention, Catalonian International Film Festival, Sitges, Spain, 2004
  • Nominated for Golden Poznan Goat, Ale Kino International Young Audience Film Festival, Poznań, Poland, 2005
  • Nominated for Emden Film Award, Emden International Film Festival, 2005
  • Nominated for Best Film, Catalonian International Film Festival, Sitges, Spain, 2004


  • Cannes Film Market (May 2004)
  • London Film Festival (Oct 2004)
  • Arras Film Festival (Nov 2004)
  • Future Film Festival (Jan 2005)
  • Gerardmer Fastasticarts Film Festival (Jan 2005)
  • Hong Kong International Film Festiva (Mar 2005)
  • Titanic International Filmpresence Festival (Apr 2005)
  • Seattle Interantional Film Festival (June 2005)
  • Espoo Film Festival (Aug 2005)
  • Buster Children's Film Festival (Sep 2005)
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival (Oct 2005)
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Oct 2005)