Mike Downey

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Mike has had a wide range of professorial experiences at Universities across the world and has lectured on a wide range of cultural subjects most recently on film production and the broader philosophy of film making. In addition he is a regular speaker at British Council events around the world as well as making numerous film festival lectures. His most recent being Why do We Make Movies – Do They Matter?

The purpose of the Thomas Ewing Professorship is to expose Ohio University students and faculty to outstanding individuals and make such individuals aware of the strengths and resources of Ohio University. Thomas Ewing Professors are expected to be distinguished individuals who have attained wide recognition based upon artistic, engineering, historical, literary or scientific achievement. Mike was nominated Thomas Ewing Visiting Professor of Film at Ohio University.

For ten years the Media Business School in Ronda had Mike as a tutor on their Masters MEGA Plus programme. This is a nine month, project-based master’s programme that provides specialised training in audiovisual company management and content production. It’s geared to young producers, recent film school or university graduates who wish to accelerate their careers, and to film executives who want to update their skills to face the radical changes that are taking place in the audiovisual business. Mike developed many of the ideas in his Film Finance Handbook while teaching on this course, and the book was ultimately commissioned and published by the MEDIA Programme of the European Community.

A selection of Universities and colleges where Mike has lectured include:

  • Universite de Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
  • Universite de Paris X (Nanterre)
  • University of Belgrade Faculty of Social Sciences
  • University of Minneapolis
  • University of Ohio
  • Loyola University
  • University of Warwick
  • University of New Orleans
  • UK National Film and Television School
  • London Film School
  • The Media Business School