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Completed Films

Life is a Trumpet

Život je truba


Bura is an easy-going 35-year-old who plays the trumpet in an alternative jazz band. He comes from a wealthy family of butchers but doesn't want to take part in the business. Bura is marrying psychologist Jana whose parents are intellectuals. The encounter between two families from different backgrounds shows that their members are not as different as one might expect.

Breathe – Umphefumlo


Based on La Boheme, Breathe - Umphefumlo moves the action from 19th century Paris to 21st century Khayelitsha, South Africa where struggling artists, writers and actors are surviving through wits on the margin of society.

Street Kids United II – The Girls from Rio


This is a documentary film about a life-changing experience for a group of girls from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, the Favela Street Girls, who are chosen to represent Brazil during the Street Child World Cup 2014. The girls, who have faced crime, violence and social problems during their lives, and their coaches work hard to become a winning team.

Monument to Michael Jackson


In a dying town in Serbia, an old communist-era monument is removed from the Square. Marko, daydreamer, is on the verge of divorce from the love of his life, Ljubinka. She is disappointed in him and the life in Serbian small-town. Out of despair, he comes up with the idea to replace the communist-era statue with a monument to Michael Jackson in order to save his dying town and seduce his wife again.

From Zero to Hero

Atomski zdesna


From Zero To Hero is about a group of sales reps at an ex-Yugoslav holiday timeshare company. Mladen, Belgrade born, is a timeshare salesman at Croatian Holiday resort. He is having an affair with his colleague, Sonja, who is married to Metod, the chief sales manager who learns about his wife's infidelity.



The film focuses on a few intimate family destinies from various social categories: a recently widowed young doctor; a school canteen cook and her son; a driving instructor and his wife, a Czech language teacher; and their closest relatives.

The President


A Dictator post coup d’etat, flees with his five year old grandson cross Country in disguise. As they make their way towards the sea to escape by boat, they meet the people he previously subjugated.

Rio 50 Degrees


Rio 50 Degrees is the story of how a city, with the help of its musicians and their music, discovered its liberty, its voice and its soul.

Lost in Karastan


A gentle black comedy directed by Ben Hopkins about a confused, washed up film director, Emil, who is invited by a nascent state to make a national epic in an obscure Caucasus Republic ruled by an eccentric and corrupt dictator.

President Nixon’s Present


1969, ex. Yugoslavia. Low-profile agents Stipe and Peđa get a special assignment: to deliver the present from American president Richard Nixon to Yugoslavian president Tito at his summer residence on Brijuni Islands. Seems like a task with zero chance to fail. But...

Amsterdam Express


Amsterdam Express tells the story of a young Albanian emigrant in Amsterdam who is seduced by the allure of the metropolis and falls victim to the threats of ruthless drug and sex slave traffickers.

The Arbiter


On his journey through the English countryside, John is accompanied by his 14-year-old donor child - Ronja, whom he tries to convert to the same radical ideas that he believes in. Murder. Elimination. Cleansing. All justifiable in the mind of a modern day European Psycho.

Unogumbe – Noye’s Fludde


Noye's Fludde (Noah's Flood), is a 1957 opera by Benjamin Britten. The text is based on an edition by Alfred W. Pollard of an early 15th-century mystery play from the Chester Mystery Cycle. The opera was originally written to be performed in a church or a large hall - but at Britten’s request, not in a theatre - it was also intended for a cast primarily of amateurs.

Rolli and the Golden Key


The sequel to Quest for a Heart the fantasy musical "Rolli and the Golden Key" is a story about the power of friendship and the fact that friendship is not an attributed to age. At the same time the story clearly conveys the message that it is never too late to correct one’s mistakes, as long as one has the courage to face them.

The Parade



The Parade, in a tragicomic way, tells the story about ongoing battle between two worlds in contemporary post-war Serbian society - the traditional, oppressive, homophobic majority and a liberal, modern and open-minded minority.



Ian, a charismatic new spatial orientation instructor, arrives at a topnotch Lisbon school for the visually impaired. He is taking up the position of teacher with blind patients. The head teacher hires Ian under condition that the children will not be exposed to any danger as they learn to move around by themselves.

Goltzius and the Pelican Company


In 1600, the Dutch engraver and printer Goltzius relates his adventures of ten years before in the winter of 1590 when he travelled in disguise to Colmar in Alsace on his way to Italy to find money to afford a new printing press to print illustrated books. He proposed to the liberal-minded Margrave of Alsace to make two grand illustrated books, a version of the Old Testament and a version of Ovid’s Metamorphosis.

Lilet Never Happened


The drama script is based on the real life story of a child prostitute in Manila who, having reached the end of her possibilities, attempts suicide as a desperate way out of her terrible life. Her story is very much the story of the more than one million other children working in the global commercial sex trade today.

The Mortician


The Mortician, shot in digital 3D, is dark urban noir set in the nightmare ghetto of a decaying metropolis. A story of one man’s struggle through the darkness and corruption of a dying city. A story of reconciliation and hope.

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